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Item: 38642B

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Description: LED17T8 / 850 / 4FT / DR / SS (D)
D LED17T8 / 850 / 4FT / DR / SS (D)
Shipping: UPS Ground  
38642B D LED17T8/850/4FT/DR/SS (D)
Title 29 C.F.R. Section 1910.1200, entitled "Hazard Communication" establishes the Federal Government's requirements for the maintenance and distribution of information about the hazards of chemicals through MSDS(Material Safety Data Sheet). Subsection (b)(6)(v) of the regulation states that the Hazard Communication Standard does not apply to ""Articles"". An ""Article"" is defined as a manufactured item: (i) which is formed to a specific shape or design during manufacture, (ii) which has end use function dependent in whole or in part upon its shape or design during end use, and (iii) which under normal conditions of use does not release more than very small quantities, e.g., minute or trace amounts of a hazardous chemical, and does not pose a physical hazard or health risk. This product is classified as an ""Article"", and in line with the Federal Regulations an MSDS is not available for this product.
Min Start Temp:0 F, -18 C    

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