0-10V Dimmer

  • A type of dimmer control method that supplies a signal that ranges from zero to ten volts that, depending upon the voltage of the signal, tells a compatible ballast, driver or other similar device the level to which it should dim the bulbs it is powering.
  • Dimming devices that accept signals 0-10V dimmers may not be compatible with all dimmers. Manufacturers of ballasts, drivers, transformers and also the dimmers themselves can provide upon request compatibility lists showing which combinations they have tested and found to be or found not to be compatible.
  • 0-10V lighting controls and the devices they control always communicate using 2 separate wires, one that is solid gray colored and one that is solid purple. Note: some devices have purple and/or gray wires with white stripes in addition to solid gray and solid purple wires.

    3 way Bulb

    • A bulb that is designed to emit 3 different levels of light output. Incandescent / Halogen versions have 2 filaments of differing wattages as opposed just 1 filament and operate by first lighting a lower wattage filament , then lighting a second, higher wattage filament and then finally by lighting both filaments together. Normal metal bases for bulbs only have 2 contact points for conducting electricity. 3way bulbs have 3 metal contacts which allows the separate operating combinations of the two filaments.
    • The original version of this product was made in incandescent but in recent times compact fluorescent and LED versions have gained popularity for their energy saving properties. The CFL versions make use of a form of tri-level ballast that will power the bulb at three different levels of light. LED versions operate either by lighting two separate Surface Mounted Diode (SMD) sets in the same orders as the incandescent version.
    • Their description is often printed by those outside the company as "3 way" or "3-way" For purposes of uniformity and ease of search however all 3way products are designated as "3way" in the computer system.
    • 00170B - 30/100 130V A21 SOFT WHITE 3WAY - E26 MEDIUM BASE
    • 26147A - D 100/300/SOFT WHITE 3WAY 130V - MOGUL E39 BASE
    • 38795A - D LED16-17A21/3K/3WAY/DIM - E26 MEDIUM BASE

    4-wire Wye

    "Most popular electrical wiring system for building in use today." - Advance Ballast Glossary

    6.6 Amp

    The current rating of a type of constant current airfield lighting system. In these systems the current load remains consistent at 6.6 amps.

    Images: elevated edge runway fixture (left), obstruction light (top-right), in-pavement taxi/runway (middle right), various 6.6A bulbs (bottom right)