• Abbreviated as "K". A unit of measurement for temperature. This is the standard unit of measurement of Color Temperature. It is calculated as degrees Celsius + 273. When temperatures are stated in kelvin neither the word "degree(s)" nor the its symbol (°) is used. See Color Temperature.
  • While the abbreviation for kelvin (K) is capitalized, the word kelvin is not.


Abbreviated as KHz. "One thousand Hertz (cycles per second)." - Advance Ballast Glossary


Abbreviated as kW. A unit equal to 1,000 watts.

See Watt.


Abbreviated as kWh. One kilowatt hour is equal to 1,000 watts being consumed over one hour. Residential utility customers are most commonly billed by the kilowatt hour. An example calculation of this cost would be a 100 watt bulb that was burned for 10 hours. It would consume 1000 watt-hours (100 watts * 10 hours) or 1 kilowatt-hour. Assuming that the utility company billing rate is $0.10/kWh then in this scenario operating the bulb would cost $0.10.